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Are Facebook Ads worth it SEO concepts and blog.
Some businesses spend gobs of money on online ads, like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. However, ads don’t make sense for all businesses especially if you’re in a competitive industry. You don’t want to throw money at ads if you don’t get qualified traffic and conversions. You can focus on SEO for a more effective...
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Is SEO Seasonal?
SEO is an affordable, effective and efficient way to grow your business if you do it right. SEO focuses efforts on unpaid traffic instead of costly paid ads or direct traffic. You want business year round, not just seasonally, so your SEO efforts should be consistent to reach your ranking goals.  SEO Refresher SEO optimization...
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Is ongoing SEO Necessary?
Is monthly SEO really needed? This is a question we hear often. The short answer is yes. Rankings drop when SEO stops.  Why Do You Need Monthly SEO?  Think of SEO as exercise. You can’t expect to run a 5K one time and automatically look like a fitness model. Instead, dedicate time each week to...
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Acquire SEO blog explains how to pick and use synonymous keywords
Keywords are important for SEO and increasing rankings, and you want your content to reach its intended audience. If your site uses too many targeted keywords, Google thinks you’re “keyword stuffing” and penalizes you. That’s where synonymous keywords can help!  Why Use Synonymous Keywords? You can create content using similar keywords to boost rankings. That...
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Acquire talks about the Importance of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone) in this blog post
Google can be particular and doesn’t like to be confused—it prefers your business NAP (name, address and phone number) listed exactly the same everywhere online. Consistent NAP can also help drive customers to your business.   Consistent NAP  When you create a Google My Business listing, Facebook page and any other business page/mention (citation), ensure the...
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Is Secondary Targeting Possible with SEO
Is it possible to target a location if your business isn’t located there? Perhaps your city doesn’t have enough search volume or you see greater potential in a nearby city. Maybe you’re in the suburbs and want to attract customers from a close, larger city. Regardless of the reasons why, this is a question we...
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Acquire SEO explains Google Analytics
Not all web traffic is good traffic. If you get website visitors that aren’t sure how they reached your page, they won’t be good leads and won’t stick around. You also don’t want visitors to reach your page and then bounce. So how do you determine if your web traffic is good or bad? Google...
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Acquire Internet Marketing explains the difference between black hat and white hat seo in this blog
The Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO Black hat SEO? White hat SEO? What do these terms mean and why do they matter to you? In your SEO research, you likely came across these two terms—white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Let’s compare the two so you can see how SEO techniques...
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Acquire helps distinguish between seo and different types of online marketing
Internet Marketing Explained We know that SEO and Internet marketing can be confusing and complicated. We specialize in SEO, bring decades of experience to the table and enjoy educating our clients through the SEO process. If you’re curious about different types of online marketing, then this post is for you! What’s the difference between paid,...
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