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TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Doug Kirby


Doug Kirby is the CEO for Acquire Internet Marketing. Doug is grateful to enjoy living life to its fullest with his family and friends, one day at a time. When Doug is not leading Acquire, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, as well as listening to a wide spectrum of music, hiking and playing drums. Doug’s crossed off plenty of bucket-list items so far, but he’s considering learning to play guitar. Interesting fact about Doug—he learned to barefoot water ski at 16.

James Mancebo

Lead SEO Specialist

James Mancebo is the Lead SEO Specialist at Acquire Internet Marketing. A bucket-list item for James is to backpack across Europe. When he’s not working, James enjoys snowboarding, hiking and learning new things. Fun fact—Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are alumni of James’ high school.

Sean Hollister

SEO Specialist

Sean Hollister is an SEO Specialist at Acquire Internet Marketing. Sean reads, cooks, plays guitar, hikes, climbs, plays tennis and spends as much time outdoors when he’s not working. Fun fact about Sean—his college mascot was a banana slug, and he got to wear the costume incognito on a few occasions.

Leslie Ballentine

SEO Content Specialist

Leslie Ballentine is the SEO Content Specialist and Acquire Internet Marketing. An item on Leslie’s bucket list is visiting Greece. Leslie enjoys spending time with her two kids, traveling and soaking up as much sunshine as possible by running and paddleboarding. Fun fact about Leslie—George Brett from the Kansas City Royals lived on her street when she was a little girl living in Kansas City.

We are a team of SEO experts - a Longmont SEO company serving local and national SEO needs

Our SEO team is comprised of experienced and dedicated SEO Data Analyst that LOVE to get their hands dirty and dig in with 1 focus in mind. RESULTS. 

Bottom line… WE LOVE SEO like no other!

James ManceboLead SEO Specialist

Through deep target analysis, competitor monitoring, technical audit resolution, White Hat SEO integration, the AIM Team is dedicated to get you ranking on top of Google and other major search engines for keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and industry,  AND receiving consistent levels of continued search volume.  We have many clients to that come to us ranking at the top of Google for keyword phrases no one is searching.  Uh, Duh! … that’s not right, but it is true. So, we makes sure your target phrases are popular searches that are relevant to your business, driving top quality search referrals to your website to get you the ROI you deserve.


We Want to Help

We enjoy talking with clients and working as a team toward your SEO goals. We communicate every step so you’re aware of the SEO tactics Acquire uses and their effectiveness. If plans change, you’re part of that conversation. 

Empower You 

Acquire wants to work with you as a team to reach your SEO goals. We’re passionate about SEO and enjoy explaining SEO and our strategies for your business. We aim to empower you so you’ll have the SEO knowledge to grow your business. 

SEO Transparency

Acquire provides you with transparency and communication every step the way. You’re completely aware of our SEO efforts, the progress you’re making and the results you’re getting. We provide you with detailed SEO Campaign reporting at every step, so you can see and trust in us that we do what we say…aka Transparency Reporting. 

Dedicated SEO Time

Every client gets dedicated, ongoing SEO time blocks where we analyze efforts and brainstorm strategies for your business.   


SEO Experience

We’ve specialized in SEO for 19 years and counting. We focus only on SEO and not a variety of web services. Acquire provides top-notch SEO solutions to local businesses in Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Denver and surrounding communities since 2001. Effective SEO takes experience, time, focus, dedicated resources, target SEO research and analysis tools required to succeed.

What Clients Say?

  • Acquire Internet Marketing came to my rescue. My old website was hacked and Google posted a scary warning on my search listing. I rebuilt the site immediately but, despite two weeks of effort, Google would not remove the warning. I couldn’t wait for them to slug through their arduous review process. Within two days, the Acquire team created a solution and got my website up... read more

    Kim K. Avatar
    Kim K.
  • Doug and his staff are very attentive to important details that enabled my Google rankings to improve, which in turn, increased my business. Very few professionals are as reliable - I highly recommend him.

    Karen C. Avatar
    Karen C.
  • Acquire Internet Marketing is amazing at what they do! I have been working with them for the past 3 years and they have been able to get me tangible results with new clients pouring in week after week. I love that they are able to scale up or down according to my budget and continue to get my small business consistent results. Give them a... read more

    Nicole B. Avatar
    Nicole B.
  • Acquire Internet Marketing has done an amazing job for me, Quality Cleaning, LLP. He redesigned my website about 2 years ago, and my search engine optimization is superior.. My commercial cleaning company comes up number 1 to 3 on most google search words or phrases for someone looking for a commercial cleaning company!!

    Patricia R. Avatar
    Patricia R.
  • Doug is super accessible and detail-oriented. He is timely and explains things when I have questions. I recommend his company.

    Frep E. Avatar
    Frep E.
  • Acquire Internet Marketing is very professional. Doug's web design hit the mark for me and I appreciate the special attention to detail that was provided.

    Raeann L. Avatar
  • We have used Acquire for many years with building our website and maintaining our internet marketing. We have had such good results with their work that it is our main source for our customers to finds us!.Would definitely recommend their services. Don Fesenmeyer

    Don F. Avatar
  • Doug is super accessible and detail-oriented. He is timely and explains things when I have questions. I recommend his company.

    Dana K. Avatar
    Dana K.
  • They really know what they are doing with SEO. Great company to work with!

    Andrea O. Avatar
    Andrea O.

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