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Are Page 1 Rankings Enough?

Position 1, 2, 3 or bust!

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. The same is true for Google rankings! Being almost near the top of page 1 isn’t close enough. You need to be in the top few spots of page 1. If you can put in some SEO effort to move from the bottom of page 1 to the top, you’ll improve your click-through rate by 300%. 

Rankings Impact Traffic

Local SEO Company Services Click though Rate Graph

What does this chart mean? Let’s say you had 100 organic searches one month that featured your business. If you were on the bottom of page 1, only about 4 people would go to your site. If you were ranked number 1 on Google’s list, then about 34 people would go to your site. That’s a drastic difference! 

Now you can see why are Google rankings important! High Page 1 Google rankings increase clicks and traffic. If your business is on the bottom of page 1 or buried on another page, you’re not getting the traffic your business needs. According to Search Engine Journal, 91.5% is the average traffic share generated by the sites listed on the first Google search results page.

Local SEO Company Services Graph

Improve Your Rankings

Improving your rankings can be simple with little SEO effort. For example, you can ensure page tagging is engaging and encourages clicks to your website by looking at your title tags, meta descriptions and main headings. 

Here are some example Acquire clients that have several keywords with position 1 rankings: 

Screenshot of AIM Page 1 Rankings Charts

Bottom Line: We Deliver For Our Clients!

Check out the awesome work below we are doing for our clientele. We also have a results page where we highlight some of our client’s success stories and provide examples of the methods we use to target each website’s specific SEO needs. For instance, look at the results for our beloved local client The Times Collaborative, and while you’re at it, take some inspiration from their origin story.

Introduction to google analytics guide and Graphic

If you want to read more about step-by-step SEO efforts, check out the following blog posts: 

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