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Questions to Ask Potential SEO Companies

We often get questions about SEO. We hope this info makes SEO seem less mysterious. It’s helpful to know what questions to ask potential companies and what to expect from paid SEO services. Let’s dive into the common questions we hear!

Can you show me some example clients and results? 

What you deserve as a client: Ask for a few example clients so that you can see the services the client received and hear about their results. Also ask what target phrases they used. 

What Acquire clients receive: We have client case studies on our site that show results and target phrases. Check out our results page on our website! If we have a client that you’d like to learn more about, ask us about their results!

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How soon can I see results? 

What you deserve as a client: You should see movement in 30 days. 

What Acquire clients receive: You’ll see movement in 30 days and an improvement in ranking within 90 days. Rankings, traffic and sales tie together. Keep in mind that you want quality traffic instead of empty traffic that won’t convert to sales. Improving rankings with our SEO services drives traffic, which converts to sales in time.

Do I have to sign a 12-month contract? 

What you deserve as a client: Contracts on your terms. 

What Acquire clients receive: We don’t require a contract. We ask that you give us 60 days’ notice if you want to discontinue services. 

How much time do you spend on my business’ SEO?

What you deserve as a client: If you pay for SEO, you want your business to receive devoted attention. You should also be able to know how much SEO time your business gets.  

What Acquire clients receive: If you pay for SEO, you want your business to receive devoted attention. Every Acquire client gets dedicated, ongoing SEO time blocks where the team analyzes efforts and brainstorms strategies for your business. The amount of time per month depends on your SEO package. 

How do you communicate results? 

What you deserve as a client: Progress should be communicated to you in some form so you can see the results of paying for SEO services. 

What Acquire clients receive: Acquire provides you with transparency and communication every step the way. You’re completely aware of our SEO efforts and are part of decisions. This way you’re involved in the progress you’re making and see results firsthand. We provide you with detailed SEO Campaign reporting every step of the way, so you can see improvements and trust in us that we do what we say…aka Transparency Reporting. You’ll also receive a weekly report that details your keywords, ranking and other SEO details. If you have questions about this report, we’re happy to explain it!  Plus, you can check your live rankings 24-7.

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How much SEO experience do you have? 

What you deserve as a client: You want a company who has a deep understanding of SEO. This way the SEO company can identify needed improvements, implement changes and track results.  

What Acquire clients receive: Acquire specializes in SEO—that’s all we do. We have more than 20 years of experience to get you results.

Will SEO change my site? 

What you deserve as a client: Any large changes to your businesses site should be discussed with you. SEO updates are often subtle changes to wording and headings, but won’t drastically change the look or layout of your website. Most SEO efforts are in the site’s code so they’re behind the scenes.

What Acquire clients receive: You won’t notice drastic changes to your site’s look or layout because updates are done in the site’s code. Some titles and headings get small tweaks depending on keywords. Acquire keeps detailed logs of all SEO efforts and site changes, so you can see the details. If we have larger site suggestions that could improve rankings, we discuss these ideas with you.

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