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The Latest in SEO
Businesses get creative during pandemic with Acquire SEO in Colorado

Local Businesses Get Creative During Pandemic

It’s been said a lot, but it’s true, 2020 was a year like no other. While 2020 was challenging, it was remarkable to see how local businesses pivoted in order to survive the effects of the pandemic in 2021. We witnessed this inventiveness beginning in March, and we’re now seeing businesses thinking outside of the...
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Is ongoing SEO Necessary?

Do I Really Need Monthly SEO?

Is monthly SEO really needed? This is a question we hear often. The short answer is yes. Rankings drop when SEO stops.  Why Do You Need Monthly SEO?  Think of SEO as exercise. You can’t expect to run a 5K one time and automatically look like a fitness model. Instead, dedicate time each week to...
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Acquire SEO blog explains how to pick and use synonymous keywords

Synonymous Target Keyword SEO

Keywords are important for SEO and increasing rankings, and you want your content to reach its intended audience. If your site uses too many targeted keywords, Google thinks you’re “keyword stuffing” and penalizes you. That’s where synonymous keywords can help!  Why Use Synonymous Keywords? You can create content using similar keywords to boost rankings. That...
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Acquire talks about the Importance of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone) in this blog post

Importance of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone)

Google can be particular and doesn’t like to be confused—it prefers your business NAP (name, address and phone number) listed exactly the same everywhere online. Consistent NAP can also help drive customers to your business.   Consistent NAP  When you create a Google My Business listing, Facebook page and any other business page/mention (citation), ensure the...
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Is Secondary Targeting Possible with SEO

Is Secondary Targeting Possible

Is it possible to target a location if your business isn’t located there? Perhaps your city doesn’t have enough search volume or you see greater potential in a nearby city. Maybe you’re in the suburbs and want to attract customers from a close, larger city. Regardless of the reasons why, this is a question we...
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Acquire SEO explains Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

Not all web traffic is good traffic. If you get website visitors that aren’t sure how they reached your page, they won’t be good leads and won’t stick around. You also don’t want visitors to reach your page and then bounce. So how do you determine if your web traffic is good or bad? Google...
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Acquire Internet Marketing explains the difference between black hat and white hat seo in this blog

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

The Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO Black hat SEO? White hat SEO? What do these terms mean and why do they matter to you? In your SEO research, you likely came across these two terms—white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Let’s compare the two so you can see how SEO techniques...
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Acquire helps distinguish between seo and different types of online marketing

Online Marketing (Paid, Display, Social)

Internet Marketing Explained We know that SEO and Internet marketing can be confusing and complicated. We specialize in SEO, bring decades of experience to the table and enjoy educating our clients through the SEO process. If you’re curious about different types of online marketing, then this post is for you! What’s the difference between paid,...
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Questions to Ask Potential SEO Companies

We often get questions about SEO. We hope this info makes SEO seem less mysterious. It’s helpful to know what questions to ask potential companies and what to expect from paid SEO services. Let’s dive into the common questions we hear! Can you show me some example clients and results?  What you deserve as a client:...
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Are Page 1 Rankings Enough?

Position 1, 2, 3 or bust! Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. The same is true for Google rankings! Being almost near the top of page 1 isn’t close enough. You need to be in the top few spots of page 1. If you can put in some SEO effort to move from...
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Acquire Internet Marketing teaches how to track seo rankings and keywords over time.

Step 3: Tracking SEO

Track What You’re Doing You’ve identified effective keywords and put them to work, so now what? You want to keep track of what you’re doing to make sure it’s working for your business. This way as you make changes, you can test it to make sure it’s worthwhile. If it isn’t, you can try something...
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keyword analysis article by aim seo in longmont

Step 2: Using Your Keywords

How To Use Your Keywords Let’s continue our step-by-step breakdown of SEO! Here’s your roadmap: Step 1: Find the right keywords, Step 2: Use your keywords and Step 3: Track what you’re doing. In this post, we’ll focus on using your keywords. Remember that using keywords effectively allows them to increase rankings. First, look at...
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step 1 is finding the right keywords for search engine optimization a blog posted by acquire internet marketing seo

Step 1: Finding the Right SEO Keywords

Step 1: Finding the Right SEO Keywords In the past post, we looked at how to improve traffic and increase rankings with a few simple steps: Step 1: Find the right keywords, Step 2: Use your keywords, Step 3: Track what you’re doing. Now we’ll dig deeper into how to find the right keywords.   Topic...
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Local Businesses See SEO Boost

What the Numbers Show Acquire’s SEO specialists noticed a spike in local businesses when comparing client rankings on April 15th to the previous week. Several local businesses in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Lincoln, NE each received a two or three position ranking’s boost. The Red Point Center in Longmont is a mental health and...
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What Clients Say?

  • Acquire Internet Marketing is amazing at what they do! I have been working with them for the past 3 years and they have been able to get me tangible results with new clients pouring in week after week. I love that they are able to scale up or down according to my budget and continue to get my small business consistent results. Give them a... read more

    Nicole B. Avatar
    Nicole B.
  • We have used Acquire for many years with building our website and maintaining our internet marketing. We have had such good results with their work that it is our main source for our customers to finds us!.Would definitely recommend their services. Don Fesenmeyer

    Don F. Avatar
  • Acquire Internet Marketing came to my rescue. My old website was hacked and Google posted a scary warning on my search listing. I rebuilt the site immediately but, despite two weeks of effort, Google would not remove the warning. I couldn’t wait for them to slug through their arduous review process. Within two days, the Acquire team created a solution and got my website up... read more

    Kim K. Avatar
    Kim K.
  • Acquire Internet Marketing is very professional. Doug's web design hit the mark for me and I appreciate the special attention to detail that was provided.

    Raeann L. Avatar
  • Doug and his staff are very attentive to important details that enabled my Google rankings to improve, which in turn, increased my business. Very few professionals are as reliable - I highly recommend him.

    Karen C. Avatar
    Karen C.
  • Doug is super accessible and detail-oriented. He is timely and explains things when I have questions. I recommend his company.

    Frep E. Avatar
    Frep E.
  • Doug is super accessible and detail-oriented. He is timely and explains things when I have questions. I recommend his company.

    Dana K. Avatar
    Dana K.
  • They really know what they are doing with SEO. Great company to work with!

    Andrea O. Avatar
    Andrea O.
  • Acquire Internet Marketing has done an amazing job for me, Quality Cleaning, LLP. He redesigned my website about 2 years ago, and my search engine optimization is superior.. My commercial cleaning company comes up number 1 to 3 on most google search words or phrases for someone looking for a commercial cleaning company!!

    Patricia R. Avatar
    Patricia R.

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