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Local Businesses See SEO Boost

What the Numbers Show

Acquire’s SEO specialists noticed a spike in local businesses when comparing client rankings on April 15th to the previous week. Several local businesses in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Lincoln, NE each received a two or three position ranking’s boost.


The Red Point Center in Longmont is a mental health and drug rehab facility serving the Boulder County community. Similar to the other two cases, rankings increased 3 positions on average on some of our keyword targets.

4_15_20 Graham's Flooring SEO Boost

Graham’s Flooring is based in Loveland Colorado and provides flooring options for Loveland, Fort Collins, and surrounding Northern Colorado communities. They also saw an increase of rankings on April 15th of about 3 positions across the board.

4_15_20 APMS Lincoln SEO Boast

America’s Pavement Maintenance Specialist (APMS) is a pavement company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their local business saw an increase in rankings on April 15th, which we saw happen across multiple local businesses we currently do SEO for. We tested to see what other businesses saw an increase and where they were located to see if there was a correlation.

Reasons for the boost?

  • Our SEO work is great and we got rewarded (quite possibly, but also noticed the boost on a site than we have not added any additional optimization recently get boosted too)
  • Google rewarded local business rankings? (also quiet possible, but no proof yet)


Is there a correlation between rankings? It does look like local businesses seemed to enjoy the boost more than our national clients. 

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