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How-to SEO Tutorial: Basics

What is SEO? It’s a common question! Our How-to SEO Tutorial Series digs into what SEO is and explains how it can work in your favor. Our first post in this series provides an overview of SEO. You might not have a clear understanding of SEO because no one has explained it to you. That is, until now! This post provides a basic overview of SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Other posts in the series will focus on Analytics and Tracking, Title and Descriptions and then more intermediate SEO tactics, such as URL, H tag and content optimization. If you’d like to see your site’s SEO, reach out for a free SEO analysis to check on your rankings

SEO Explained

SEO doesn’t simply mean the results that Google spits out when you’re searching for something. These are the search engine results. SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is different from Google’s search results.  

The overall goal of successful SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of the people searching for your business. These are called organic search results because people are using search engine results pages (SERP) instead of clicking on a paid ad to reach your site (or going directly to your site via URL). You want to use effective SEO strategies that help Google see your site as credible and increase your rankings. You want to be on the top of page 1, but it’s hard to do this for all of your keywords. 

Value of Effective SEO

Effective SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that offers plenty of value (think ROI—return on investment). SEO is a long-term strategy that you can set up and then maintain your SEO monthly. Unlike paid ads, you can optimize your site and not pay for each visitor. Whether you get 10 or 1,000 visitors, the price is still the same with SEO. The higher your ranking, the more visibility you’ll get, which means you’ll get more conversions. While SEO costs you time, it doesn’t cost you tons of money like PPC. 

If you hire an SEO company to help, you’ll likely pay them a fee for monthly SEO maintenance depending on the package you select. Some companies require a contract, but Acquire does not. Instead, we offer month-to-month packages. 

Effective (basic) SEO Strategies

An important key to effective SEO is your strategy. Basic SEO strategies that can increase rankings include (don’t worry, we’ll cover each of these soon): 

  • Analytics and Tracking Set Up
  • Title and Description Template Creation
  • SEO Intermediate

SEO resources

You’ll find plenty of helpful SEO blogs on our site. Here are some of our favorite SEO resources: 

Please reach out if you have SEO questions or go ahead and get your FREE SEO Analysis! That way you can see how your SEO currently stands and see what needs to be fixed. In our next post, we’ll dig a little deeper into SEO and discuss tracking, title tags and descriptions. 

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